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Message for the participants of the Norvegian-Hungarian Ballet Course

Hírek Hírek Hírek

Dear students!

My name is Beatrix Balazs. I was born in 1972 and I graduated in the Hungarian Dance Academy in 1991. I´ve been working in the Hungarian State Operahouse for 2 years, and after that - thanks to Zoltan Szolnoki - I´ve tried my luck in Oslo. I was happened to be in the right place, in the right time with the right director, so I´ve had a very successful career.

I´ve danced the title role of Nutcracker, Kitri in Don Quiote, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, title role in Cinderella, Odette- Odil in Swan Lake, Tatjana in Onegin, Hermia and Titania in Midsummernights dream, title role in Giselle and many different roles in contemporary choreographies by Glenn Tetley and Jiri Kylian.

Based on this knowledge and experience, I would like to give you some advice about how to become a good artist from my point of wiew.  I always believed, that three important things makes a balletdancer to a good artist.

1.      Of course, you always have to work hard and honest with a 100 prosent effort. You have to try to execute each movement technically the cleanest and most beautiful way you only can. This is quite a natural and important goal for every dancer. But if we really want to present a performance with a high artistic value, this is simply not enough! The clean, beautiful technique is just a part of the artform. If we only concentrate on this, then it becomes an acrobatic performance on a high level.

2.      The second very important thing is that we have to handle and use the music as a musician. The mood and the emotionality of the music should always be a helping tool to convert and express emotions in our dancing.  We have to try to melt into the music, and allow the inspiration of the music to shine through our movements. Never count music! Always listen to it and feel it! Music and dance has to melt into each other in perfect harmony!  These two things can´t be separated!

3.      The third very important thing is that we have to think about creating a role or character as an actor. We have to analize the role as an actor. We have to ask ourselves, what we are trying to express in a particular scene. What kind of relationship do we have with the other characters on stage? We have to try to step into the shoes of the character we are creating. What he or she must feel right now?  How he or she would react in this situation? We should always show honest, real emotions. The audience can sense it and then we can touch them. Otherwise our artistic production becomes empty and useless.

I have one very last advice.This has nothing to do with the profession, but I still feel it´s important to mention it. This career is really short! I know it doesn´t seem like that when sombody is only 18 or 20. But beside dancing, its also very important to create a family. This opens up a whole new dimension in life, and it  gives an additional goal and inspiration beside dancing. I was lucky and blessed enough to merry a polish ballet soloist in Oslo and gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters. Even if combining a career with creating a family is a tricky business and not the best combination, I can warmly recommend it to everybody from the bottom af my heart!  

I wish you all the very best of luck, both in your professional and in your private lives!

                               Beatrix Balazs

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