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The Number of Applicants to HDA Significantly Increased

Hírek The number of applicants for higher educational studies in the academic year 2016/17 has increased by more than 40%. Overall, 846  have submitted applications to HDA's two main institutions: to the Institute for Training Dance Artists and to the Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues. Last year the number was 600.

In the largest proportion, by 53% the number of applicants to full-time studies has increased: from 160 to 246. The number of applications to part-time (evening) training has also increased at a non-negligible rate, by 41%, reaching now the number 600.
Aptitude examinations at HDA with more rounds have already started among the first ones on national level. Due to the high number of applicants the first selection exam will take 4 days instead of 3.
The reasons behind the increasing number of applicants can be the re-launching of the choreographer major and the fashion dance specialization at the dancer and coach training programme. Also, in the upcoming academic year the academy's new training site at the  University of Nyíregyháza will start its programme at the folk dance specialization, dancer and coach training - with this, the academy will have again a training site in the countryside after five dormant years. This opening will make it possible for folk dancers, teachers and ensemble leaders in the Eastern part of the country to receive dance education on higher educational level.
The HDA plans to launch a similar training programme in the future in Pécs, South Hungary, in modern dance specialization.

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