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Awards in Vienna

Hírek Eight HDA students took part in the VIBE competition (Vienna International Ballet Experience) with the support of the National Talent Program, seven of them made it to the finals.
The jury announced the results on March 24: Kristóf Kovács (Grade 8) won 2nd prize, Miyu Takamori (grade 7) won the 3rd prize of their category as students from professional dance schools. The duo of Kristóf Kovács and Noémi Verbőczi (Grade 8) won also 2nd prize in the duet category.
Next to the award winning ones, our ballet artist students Eszter Horányi and Krisztina Bounakova (both Grade 7 students) made it to the finals and so did Gvendolin Nagy (Grade 2 student). They all were given the possibility to enter the international competition based on their performance at the House Competition of HDA.
Our students on modern dance specialization were represented by Emma Lőrincz and Gergő Dávid Farkas, who also made it to the finals.
Our ballet students' preparation was helped by masters Szilárd Macher, Márta Molnár, György Szakály and Edina Dorkó; among them Márta Molnár travelled with the students to Vienna. The two duos were prepared by the choreographers Andrea Merlo (Verbőczi-Kovács) and Noémi Kulcsár (Lőrincz-Farkas).

Congratulations to all of them!

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