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Success in Bari

Hírek Students of the HDA have reached great success at the International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition, Bari, Italy that was held March 18-21:
Réka Kiss (Grade 8 student) has won the 1st prize in classical ballet category, while 3rd Grade modern dance students, Réka Rácz and Gergő Golubkovics received the 3rd prize in contemporary category.
Other contestants of the academy have performed well too: Réka Kovács (Grade 3) and Vince Topolánszky (Grade 4) have made it to the top 10 in classical ballet, but other students have competed successfully too: Anna Fülöp (Grade 3), Dorottya Lengyel (Grade 2) Szilveszter Mátyás Sántha (Grade 8).
As a recognition of the general high standard performance of its contestants, the Hungarian Dance Academy received the Domenico Modugno Trophy.

Congratulations to our students and their preparing masters: György Szakály, Katalin Volf, Szilárd Macher, Judit Murányi, Csilla Oláh and Noémi Kulcsár, Zoltán Grecsó.
We thank you to the National Talent Program that made it possible that our Academy could be represented by such high number of students.

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