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Sounds and Movements - HDA's dance artist students specialized in modern dance held space-specific performance in Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest.

Hírek Hírek Revolutionary dance historic events were recalled on January 21, 2016, on the Schöffer Day at the Nicolas Schöffer retrospective exhibition in Műcsarnok.
Schöffer, the Hungarian origin father of kinetic sculptural movement, created one of his most famous piece, a unique performance together with Maurice Béjart, the innovator of dance art, and with electro-accoustic composer Pierre Henry whose works were based on mostly noises.  
This multidisciplinary breakthough event was recalled by our dance artist students on modern dance specialization led by Katalin Lőrinc university professor. With improvisation in front of the auditence, dancers reflected on the exhibited constructions of Schöffer, featuring pianist Bálint Baráth P.  

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