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Guest Performances Within and Beyond Borders


The Hungarian Dance Academy performed in the following locations in May: Szolnok, Veszprém, Oradea (Romania), Lendava and Portoroz (Slovenia).

In Szolnok and at the Slovenian tour stations excerpts from the ballet artists’ concert exam were performed (May 29 and 31). In Oradea and in Veszprém all the three specializations of our Institute for Training Dance Artists were presented: classical ballet, modern dance and folk dance, demonstrating the versatility of trainings at the academy.

In Oradea it was the first time that the dance and multidisciplinary arts festival „Infinite Dance Festival” was organized (May 19-24) to which alongside several professional companies (Győr Ballet, Szeged Contemporary ballet Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, etc.) the HDA also received invitation.

This year, Veszprém hosted its 17th „A TÁNC” festival, where the closing gala was presented by our students-pupils, demonstrating the diversity of dance.

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