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György Szakály elected as rector for 3 more years

Hírek Hírek Hírek Hírek Hírek

The senate of the Hungarian Dance Academy of 15 members supported György Szakály’s re-election for his recent post with no votes against.

György Szakály (Kossuth and Franz Liszt prize awarded dance artist) began his pedagogical and institution managing career at the Hungarian Dance Academy in December 2003. He became the director of the Institute for Training Dance Artists at HDA in 2006 and later, as deputy rector, his tasks also included the management of the other institute of HDA, the Institute for Training Dance Pedagogues and Choreographers. Since July 1, 2011 he has been appointed as rector of the Hungarian Dance Academy.


In his rectoral application Mr. Szakály considered promoting the domestic training of dance artists and pedagogues as well as of choreographers and dance theoreticians towards world-class level by professional and infrastructural means as the most important goal in the upcoming 3 years. He plans a considerable extension in the international relations of the academy as well as to transform HDA a regional centre of dance education and dance art. Due to the efforts of the past years the institution now has a realistic chance of having the necessary requirements to become a university fulfilled. An English language ballet teacher training programme in Hungary is also planned, which currently operates in the framework of a cooperation with the University of Zagreb. All of these make the basis of increasing the number of foreign studens, who number presently more than 40 with special student status.

The number of students from all over the world, mainly studying at the classical ballet department, has doubled over the last ten years and the demand for studying at HDA is constantly increasing.

The biggest infrastructural project of the upcoming period is the relocation of the Institute for Training Dance Pedagogues and Choreographers to the academy’s campus in Columbus street. In December 2013 the government already ensured the financial means to purchase the building under nr. 96 Amerikai street, neighbouring the campus. As a result of numerous negotiations the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. became the owner of the estate and at the same time, the Hungarian Dance Academy became its trustee. The renovation of the building that has been empty since 10 years began with own contribution and governmental funding and according to plans the academic year 2016/17 will begin in this venue.

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